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Storm Fox:
Hello all.
With the hope of creating a simpler and easer to follow set of rules. The staff have revised and consolidated furtopia's forum rules, and created a new version (version 4) of our rules which can be found [here].
This new version goes into effect as our currently active forum rules, immediately. And fully replaces the pervious version 3 rules which can be found [here] for comparison and archival purposes.

If anyone should have any questions about the new rule page, feel free to ask the staff by PM'ing a mod or admin. :)

Hmmmm. Not too bad I guess. But being a former Admin that I am, I see a few "tiny" adjustments that could be made. ;) Mostly spelling and grammar.  :D I do have a few ideas or helpful advice. Might send a PM later if I have time.

P.S. - I like the blue word color, but not so much the green.  :P


*stands next to it obsessively polishing it after anybody touches it*



*puts a really tiny paw fingerprint in a tiny corner*   :D

Well, it seems a bit easier to read, for one thing.  Other than that it looks about the same to me.


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