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Furtopian Christmas Gift Exchange 2015

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In light of the upcoming Christmas holiday, I've gotten in touch with WhiteShepherd and Kada-Ru on the subject of their availability for hosting another Christmas gift exchange this year, and they've responded in the affirmative.  Cue the announcement thread!

If you're interested in participating this year, all you have to do is post here saying that you will participate as well as whether you're willing to send overseas or not.  You should also provide a few gift ideas in your post; this will help the person you're assigned to choose something for you.

Then PM Kada-Ru your physical address.  Your address will be kept private, but it will be given to the person that is sending you a gift. Five dollars is an appropriate amount for the gift you send, but if you wish to go over that amount, that is up to you.  You can find out what your exchange likes by reading their post in this thread, looking at their profile, or contacting them and asking what types of things they like.

Once the names have been matched, your address will be sent to the person that is sending you your gift through PM.

Because of problems in the past, if you are in the US, get delivery confirmation (or a tracking number) for the shipment when sending out your present.  This costs about 75 cents at the post office.  Then send this tracking number to your exchange and Kada. This shows that you actually sent your exchange, and it also shows that it is not your responsibility if your package gets lost in the mail.

Minors must have parental permission to participate in this event, since they must give their home mailing address or PO Box address in order to receive a gift. We do not require proof of parental consent, but please do not abuse this as doing so could cause problems for you or for us.

If you want to join in but KNOW you can't afford to send anything, DO NOT say that you can.  This only looks bad on you. It could also keep you from ever participating again.  This is done on the HONOR system.  Thanks for understanding, and I hope we have an awesome exchange this year.

Important dates to note:

The deadline for participants is the 5th of December.
You will then have 10 days to read over your assigned Furtopian's post and arrange a gift for them.  This means that you have to post the gift by the 15th of December so that it'll get to the recipient in time for Christmas.

Varg the wanderer:
Is there nobody signed up yet?

Doesn't look like it though I am going to be in it. :)  I was noticing the emptiness as well.

I'm in and I can send over seas.

Anything animal.  :)

Varg the wanderer:
I'm in. I can ship anywhere.

I like anything animal or furry related.


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