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The beginning of the end of the Internet and free speech as we know it

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On October 1st, President Obama will give control of domain names to the UN. This will allow the UN (Influenced by nations like Russia, China, and Iran) to shut down any websites it wants. Or if you're someone who believes our government is up to no good, it'd be a way for the UN to shut down sites they or the US doesn't like. And of course there's the problem with America no longer having control over it.

A little background of ICANN would be in order.

Snopes to the rescue.

cause the rat:
Thank you Rocco. It's good to laugh in the morning. There is so much dumb propaganda out there. So President Obama is going to give control of the internet to a group who's had control of the internet sense 1998.

It's a shame. There's people who will be angry about things that never happened. And afraid of things that never will. America is dying. One lie at a time.

Old Rabbit:
WWW The world wide web. I really don't think the USA has
much control of it. Hackers probably do more to ruin the net
for people than any country likely would. Governments like to
snoop on or hack other governments and big businesses anyway.

It's another good reason to kick the UN out of the USA.. Move it
to a neutral country like Switzerland along with it's spies.


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