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Does a President need political experience?

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Old Rabbit:
This election year has a man running for president who has no real political

Not elected for any public office. Some may think this is a plus, but do we really
want to put someone like this in the highest office of the land.

I personally think it would be fun to see the people running the country scrambling
to cover up all the problems a inexperieced man or woman trying to run the country
could make for them.

Trouble is it's a dangerous world, and mistakes can get a lot of people hurt.
Someone like this could end up being a pawn of the controling party as well.

All that said many people in politics have been successful business people.
Only they start out as Congressmen, Senators, and Governors. This gives
them valuable experience with working with others in governemt. Do we really
want to elect someone who has to learn almost everything to be president? So
we have to wait while he could make mistakes. Trump has had a lot of problems
with picking people for his campain. Will it be any better after he is elected?

Political experiences teaches one how to not make big mistakes, how to work with
a legislature. Our president isn't a dictator. They are much like a quartermaster in
the miltary. Working to see everyone has what they need, and if not how to get
it. Even when you have to convince others you really need it. How to compromise.
The Presidency is more complex of course, but business management is often more
like being a dictator than the leader of a free country. Jumping direct to the job of president just because they have enough money to buy the political advertising to
get elected is a poor excuse. Not counting his poor judgment causing 6 bankruptcies.

So what do you think about experience for the leader of a free country.

Casting aside all the other qualities (and lackings thereof), I think that a president with little or no previous political experience would offer ample opportunity for improvement in both the office and its correspondents. I think what's important in this regard is that the leader is strong and capable of learning the ropes as he goes along. Key word: leader.

The country won't simply crumble (any more than it already is) while he's gaining knowledge and experience - we're built in large part upon autonomy. And allowing other members of office to help with the process may help in balancing powers just as well as it might cause an imbalance. The presidency doesn't need to be extortionately dependent on the president's micromanagement of specific issues, so long as he is capable of overseeing and aiding in the direction of his peers towards basic common goals. As regards mistakes, I can only say that that one requires context to be addressed appropriately. Some mistakes are easier to understand and to forgive than others. Some mistakes are more severe in consequence than others. Lots of variables.

Political experience is certainly a big plus to have going for you - but I don't think it's everything, nor necessarily a negative to not have it, as long as that lack can be compensated for.


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Tell me, Holt, How exactly does the experience in building, owning, and operating hotels, golf courses, restaurants, and casinos qualify a person to become President? IMO, it doesn't.  :P Those are the only things that Trump knows how to do. How does any of that help deal with the Syrian Civil War, ISIS, Immigration & Refugees, World Hunger, Climate change, Overpopulation, Gun Control, Racism, and so much more?

To help mediate and solve not just our own problems, but those of the world, a person needs knowledge and experience in those issues to handle them. Trump.........does not.

Personally, I don't think official political experience is required as long as it's a person that knows enough to have an idea of what they are getting into.  Which is to say, I'd rather have a president that is learning as they go but that has a strong desire to make things better for the people than to have a president that knows the ins and outs of politics but is in it primarily for personal gain. 

(note: This is my general answer and is not specific to the upcoming US presidential election.)

cause the rat:
someone should at least know how the system works. Know the constitution. Know the difference between state and federal laws. Three is no time to learn any of that. There is also diplomatic knowledge. Very important to know the cultural differences between the west and the rest.

Bush Jr was a babbling idiot. Made a lot of countries angry. But we survived. 


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