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Rare and unique fursuit types.

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Jade Sinapu:
I have heard rumors of fursuits made with space frame design,  not foam.  This means they are filled out with springy support bands kind of like a girdle, but not constricting.
I do not know anyone who makes them.
One episode of myth busters,  I think they made a bear and wore it to a comic con.  No stuffy foam.

Jade Sinapu:

--- Quote from: cause the rat on August 26, 2020, 02:57:17 pm ---Search 'Clockwork Creations' fursuits. They do a lot of one of a detailed one of a kind suits.

--- End quote ---

Yep,  my maker was about to send me to clockwork creatures because I said "realistic". But I guess I turned out ok.
I love clock work creatures studios.  I think they are in my own state too

Rocket T. Coyote:
Purchased a tail and paw gloves from Clockwork Creatures. Wonderful.


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