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Why you shouldn't buy Apple products.

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The only time I wanted an apple product was in the late 00's.
My friends had ipod classics and minis and what not. I hated apple, so didn't want an ipod (I ended up getting a Creative Zen Micro).
Anyhow...the ipod touch came out with this amazing technology I had never seen before. I ended up getting one of those, and then eventually a 2nd hand iphone 3 years later.
I became really good at using it with all the tricks etc. I moved on to a 2nd hand iphone 4, then a 2nd hand iphone 5 (I could never afford to buy these things new).
I only liked apple products whilst there were no better contenders.

A few years ago I switched to using a Huawei phone. It felt like knowing how to do everything, and then having to forget everything and learn from scratch again.
There were basic things that were left out that I was frustrated about, but on the other hand, there was some really cool stuff that apple didn't seem to have.

I have kept the Huawei and repaired it a few times when i broke stuff on it. I do feel that it is too large however. I miss having a smaller phone that you could just keep in your pockets - even if you were sitting down.

When I do eventually replace the Huawei, I feel like it would be nice to look into possibly an open source modular smart phone. All of the stuff that has come out about Huawei and privacy just makes me feel uncertain. It would be nice having a physical switch to turn off the camera, microphone etc. It would be nice knowing exactly what the phone is doing.



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