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Biden, Democrats, GOP, and the Pandemic.

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Old Rabbit:

We are about to have a new president, and for a first, a woman vice president. I think it's high time
we had a woman as vice president, and hopefully president one day as well. 

I am startinng this thread to cover how the Democrats and our new president
handle the pandemic, economy, and the division we have in our country. With only a tiny
majority the Biden Administration will likely have a troubled time. Hopefully  the
pandemic can be dealt  with before the end of the year, but only time will tell.

Feel free to post relevant news and comments,.

Old Rabbit:

In the U S infections are over 24.2  million, and  nearly 402,000 deaths from Covid19.
Today marks a new beginning for our country with the inauguration of a new
president. I wish him and his vice president, the first woman elected for the job
much success. They have a hard job ahead of them, a pandemic, and a poor economy  affecting nearly all Americans. We all need to support them, even those who did
not vote for them. Unlike our previous president, they will be for all Americans, not
just for those who voted for them.

Our new president plans to make 17 presidential declarations today, and many more
over the nest 10 days. Most are just to undo the harsh work of his predecessor, and
start a new administration out to really make the United States  a great  nation for
us all, and not just for a bunch of corrupt people working for their own benefit.

I expect there will be times I will have to say our new president should  have done
something different, but I hope these needed comments are few, No one is perfect,
but all we can ask is they try their best, and I expect our new leaders will try.

I plan to make comments once a week, but if something special happens I may feel
the need to do more. After 4 years of posting daily, I would like to cut down.

Till next time let's hope our new president has a fine start.

Kay Alett:

--- Quote from: Old Rabbit on January 20, 2021, 12:06:24 pm ---I expect there will be times I will have to say our new president should  have done
something different, but I hope these needed comments are few, No one is perfect,
but all we can ask is they try their best, and I expect our new leaders will try.
--- End quote ---

Well that used to be the great thing about our system before things became too extreme, we could have differences of opinion and thought and have it not devolve into extreme baby screaming of "you're the most evil person evar!1!" just because of a disagreement on policy.

Will Biden be perfect for us? Of course not, America is too diverse a country to have one person represent everyone, but at least he's a functional adult who understands that the office of president is a privilege and is a tool to help the people, not himself. I think people also need to get over this idea of the president being a :leader" and get us back to what the office is really all about, representing the american people to the rest of the world.

And it's not over just because trump is out of office, he still has lackeys in high places, people who are too spineless to stand up to him even when he no longer has power.
There's a lot for Biden to do if he's going to bring the country together and I'm not sure if we can fully get back to good. Trump damaged our reputation to the rest of the world and made us even more of a laughingstock. But here's hoping.

To the next four years everyone, may they be just little less "interesting" than the last.

Old Rabbit:
I want to let people  know, I unlocked  my original thread  to allow further posts about Trump and his impeachment.

 Yes president Biden does have a lot to do, and it will take time to overcome the lies of the previous administration.

Unfortunately many in the GOP leadership will be slow to  help, if at all.
so the president will have to show those GOP voters he isn't just another
tax and spend Democrat. A name the GOP like to say about Democrats.
The trouble is the GOP want to cut taxes, saying they  want to make government
smaller, but then they cut aid for the poor with the excuse they are just lazy people
who want a handout.

It's okay to require people to work if they want help, but at the same time
we need to make sure there are jobs for these people, and away to get to
the jobs. Also they must have a place to live.

I don't care which party is running the program, cutting aid just because  people
make a dollar, just makes it worse. People need time to get on their feet. I think
some in government want to  keep people de pendant, just to get their votes. I
don't care which party is guilty of this, but this needs to stop.

Old Rabbit:

In the U S infections are over 24.8 million and 414,000 deaths from covid19.

It's a relief to see a real president talking to the press again. A president who speaks
the real facts, instead of made up lies.  President Biden will make mistakes, after all he
is only human, but at least he isn't likely going to try to lie is way out of them.

I think  he has signed well over 20 executive orders already. Most of them
to undo the disgusting work of the Trump administration. He has hired over 1000
people into his administration, and told them he would not stand for any racial
discrimination. to put them on notice they would be fired immediately if found doing so.

President Biden is doing all he can to get people vaccinated for covid19. Already
some GOP governors are trying to stand in his way. Claiming they can do a better job,
even though they are part of the reason vaccinations are going so slow. I hope  the
president starts knocking heads to let them know he means business.

GOP senators are trying to claim the president isn't working for unity, because he
isn't listening to their claims his relief bill is too expensive. I am afraid if the president
wants to  get anything done, the  filibuster will have to be done away with. Because
they can use it to prevent just about anything the Democrats want, to benefit the
American public. The GOP leadership knows if they can block bills that would help
the people, they stand a good chance to retake the senate in 2022 election.
Then they can make it look like only the GOP should  control the government.

The GOP want to be in total control, and if allowed to win that control, they will take
over the country, and will end elections for the federal government  Creating an
autocracy with an autocrat in the White House.

For the most part the American public has a short memory. This is why Trump
had so many rally's,and was on social media all the time. Because he knew the
public would drift away from him if he didn't.

If president Biden can knock this virus down, which would allow the
economy to come back. I think many would forget about Trump. Of course if Trump
is allowed to show up on social media again, he will use his expertise to pull many
of them back once more. This is one reason he must be barred from running for
president again. I think once this was done he would lose interest in politics. 

I am sure many think I am a Democrat, but I am really an independent. I vote
for who I think is best for the country. I used to lean toward the GOP, but over
the years I have found the GOP too  be overly radical and  more for rich than
the needy.  People begging in the streets just makes it harder for a business to
survive. Increases crime, and illness for us all.

I really don't understand why it's so hard for rich people to see why money given to the
poor helps small businesses. Businesses that create jobs, and improves the overall
\economy. Which brings in more revenue for the government, and the rich.  When
people have to beg, or just exist, it's bad for the economy and society in general.

Sometimes I think the rich are just too interested in themselves to understand how to
build a strong economy that not only benefits them, but us all. Prior to the Reagan
administration of the 1980's we had an economy that built  a strong  middle class. Yes
taxes were high for those who had big incomes, but there were  many deductions that
cut the tax down quite a bit.  Then the GOP came up with the  idea for trickle down
economics. This was and still is a sham meant to benefit the  rich, and to make the
middle class poorer, because the big tax savings this made for  big business rarely
trickled  down to the people working for them as promised.


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