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From my own city.


You look at all the violence in other cities like mass protests, bombings, terrorist acts, etc. and sometimes you think it could never happen in my city.

Well, tonight it did.  :o :( >:(

Thankfully, I was not downtown when it happened. I was at home finishing eating dinner. What happened tonight really pisses me off. :goldpissed:

Kay Alett:
I know how you feel Kobuk, i still remember how angry and depressed I felt when I heard about a school shooting in my hometown, in the high school i graduated from, and the people turning the incident into a gun control debate.

Like you said, you think your own home is somehow immune to the horrors you hear about and then suddenly, without warning, it's not the tv or the newspaper anymore. It's outside your door...

Jade Sinapu:
Yeah this is like my Columbine Massacre event.  My school was rivals with Columbine, yet we loved them. That incident was game a changer for me.  Never the same.
It hits hard when YOUR TOWN shows some ugly side, it is taken personally.  YOU wouldn't have done that.  Why did "one of your own" do it? ( so to speak).

I did wonder if you were in the area, glad you were not a victim.  (Well you are, as you have felt the ripple effects. Sorry for that.)
I do not know why people can't just be good anymore.  I have theories but no one wants to hear those.

What really pisses me off is that the suspect got off on only $1,000 bail from a previous criminal case and then keeps getting into more domestic disturbance trouble.
This guy has had a whole history of criminal activity. Even including being registered as a sex offender in Nevada.  :o
But the bail part really grinds my gears.  >:( Our justice system in Wisconsin totally fumbled the ball on this guy. There's even a Wisconsin Senator who's pushing for bail reform right now. Whoever gave this suspect $1,000 bail needs to lose his job. What a moron!


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