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Well Furtopia and Dragoncity hit a site mile marker yesterday.  Both the forums and web hosting hit over 200+ members.  This does not include several Furtopia hosted sites (like that host sites withen themselves or the many impresive and private forums found throughout members sites.

When we started Furtopia and Dragoncity we decided to take our resources and build a friendly helping community that supports each other.  We must be doing something right.

Congratulations to Furtopia/Dragoncity and all that started them and keep them running for all the furs here.

You are doing something right my friends. This community is so helpful and caring for everyone in it. It also accepts new and different people easily. As the community grows and diversity spreads, we learn more of ourselves and our world.

I am glad to have found you all. The acceptance that has been shown to me here has lead me to be more open about myself. It has given me t he courage to approach other furs that I have suprisingly found in my area.

I'm happy I found this place as well. You guys all helped this jackal girl get settled into this facet of her life smoothly. You guys rock. <3

hey, i was talking about this to somebody, before i left, how it woud be cool to get 200 by the time i left, as a going away present lol. i missed it barley, but its no biggie. congrats to furtopia!!!      

Patrick Rangerwolf:

This community has been very welcome to me, and I plan to make it my den for a long time to come.  I tell many others about this place and tell them this is where the cream of the crop of furry artists, writers, and musicians come together.

See you at AC to all Furtopians attending.


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