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Rifle Barrels

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Varg the wanderer:
Because of the rifling on the inside of the barrel, I was wondering how it's made? Is it extruded (metal rammed through a die, the die twisted to form the rifling), broached, bored, or drilled and tapped?

Tapped in.

The barrel goes on a lathe and a cutter about 1cm long with rifling cuts into the barrel. Further along is another, slightly larger in diameter. This progresses with about 5 tool heads, depending on depth. A .22 might only need one pass, while a .44 could have as many as eight passes.

Rate of twist is determined by the lathe. The smaller the diameter and hence lighter the bullet, the higher the rate of twist. Typical rated are one turn in 9" for a .22 to 1 turn in 14" for a .44

Kris Fox:
I coulden't have explained it any better Carlos.

Carlos nailed that explanation!


I was an amateur gunsmith as a young adult.


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