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i havent had any problems with my hercules 9800 pro
the thing i like about it is..
it as copper heatsinks everywhere..

I remember last week, a customer came to buy a new video card. (I work at staples/business depot, for those who don't know... Computer and business machines salesperson... yuck... anyway...)
I show him our video cards, among them a 9000 AIW, GeForce 5600 FX, 9200, GeForce4 ti4600, etc...
He looks at me and asks me "How much for that 9200?"
"It's 139$ sir." (canadian, of course. )
"I saw it for 79$ in another store, does that mean that you can sell it to me with your price guarantee?"
"Well, do you have a proof of that price sir?"
"Sure." *hands me a sheet of paper from the computer store on the other side of the street*
"Sir... it's not the same video card..."
"Of course it is! Look at the numbers!"
"I am sir. The card we have in store is a 9200. The one you are showing me is a 9200SE. It's not the same thing."
"Of course it is! The numbers are the same!"
"You know cars sir?"
"Yes, it's a passion of mine!"
"Good. So, here, you are basically telling me that a Mustang GT is the same price as of a base Mustang."
"Of course not! The first one has a V6 and the second has a V8! Much more powerful!"
"And the 9200SE is the standard mustang and the card in the showcase is the GT version."
"Oh... so the numbers are not correct?"
"Compare it to the mustang sir. Same car, different engine. Same here. Same card, different chip."
"Guessed as much..."

In short:
9200SE and 9600EZ are NOT for me or people who can't make the difference between the two.

Darius Greywind:
Yeah, the SE does kinda make a bit of difference doesnt it? One thing that annoys the heck outta me though, is how different retail stores deliberately carry different obscure brands and then try to claim that one generic taiwanese video card is actually somehow different from another generic taiwanese video card. Best Buy is frequently guilty of this. I suppose that its partly ATI's fault for confusing the issue, since they used to deliberately sell OEMs crappier chips than the ones on their retail cards.


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