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What is "Furry Music"?

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Responding to the "Y.I.F.F." thread prompted me to go on and get this up in the air.   I've been pondering this question in my mind for quite some time now..  What makes furry music "Furry"?  Is it because the musician is furry, or is it in the music itself?  Is it the lyrics or the titles?  I noticed that most folks that call themselves 'furry musicians' tend to do instrumentals (like myself)..  What is it about furry music that makes it its own genre?   I seriously would like to know all of your opinions, and think that this might be a good topic of discussion.  Thanks.

Hey Katty  I think you could class it into two groups.  You have music that is of furry interest which is the most common.  It has a topic/theme/tune that is of interest to furries.  The second class would be composed for furry.  Music that was made for or about furry as it's primary influence and the artist is expressing the furry culture/idealism in some way through his/her music.

Our band YIFF are all furry members, all active in the furry community, and our songs reflect our furry lifestyles.

Drake Blackpaw:
This is a great question.  I'm a musician and I occasionally write lyrics.  I haven't considered any of the music I create furry music since it doesn't overtly reference furry specific topics.  

My lyrics have been influenced by furry comics like Lacunae by Silverblue and interactions I've had on various mucks.  The rest of the band I'm in are not furres, so I haven't put overt references to the fandom in my songs.


I'm not into creating music but we do have several artists on Furtopia that do. Check it out by clicking on the "Home" button above and then clicking at the top of the page on "Music".

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