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The last thing you bought.

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Pretty simple, really. Just list and describe the last recent things you bought lately, whether it be a soda, clothes, DVD, etc.

I'll go first. All bought today:
Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian DVD
The Guns of Navarone DVD
2 model kit ships.
Pepperoni & Sausage pizza.
Bottle of Mountain Dew.

..a bagel, at school :o

The last thing I bought was a bowl of soup from a restaurant near my office.  (I won't count the tank of gas on the way home--that's more like an ongoing expense of operating a car)

Clips for my hair!

Sk Skunk:
List for today:
16oz. coffee.
Compression fittings for 5/16" hose, 3/8" NPT 2-90deg, 2 straight, 2 coupling.
3 ft of 5/16" hard plastic tubing.
1 roll of Teflon tape.
Fingerprinting, processing fee for hazardous materials endorsement. 8)


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