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Home made pasta.

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cause the rat:
It's a plan Kobuk. We'll call it 'STARCH'. Even came up with a slogan, "We got the bread. We got the pasta. You want anything else? You go somewhere else!" We'll be out of business in no time! :) My next endeavor is going to be home made frozen pizza.

Jade, not really sure. Never looked up how to make them.  Imagine they'd be as diverse as bread. You'd find thousands of different recipes for hundreds of different flavors. If you think about it every cracker being sold had to start in someone's kitchen.

Jade Sinapu:
Super Tasty And Really CHeap!

cause the rat:
Cheap? Oh No no no we can't sell our work cheap. We'll put a huge price on it. People will think it's better than it actually is. That'a a fact proven with behavioral science. I watched an experiment where people were given two slices of cake. Told one was $1.00 a slice and the other was something like $15 a slice. Almost everyone agreed the  $15 cake tasted better.  Both pieces came from the very same cake. So what sets our bread and pasta above everyone else's? Our Price! And crazy people.

Pasta can be made with regular flour, 00 flour and semolina. The 0 0 flour is finely ground and more favored in Italy for pasta than all purpose flour. Semolina comes from durum wheat.  Native to the upper mid west. Brought back to Italy and quickly because a favorite. I've seen on line that if you do use semolina go as much as 1 to 1 with flour. If you use just semolina you'll need a pasta machine to thin the dough. It's to hard of a dough to roll by hand. Haven't tried it yet. I've heard semolina flour gives a good flavor to the pasta. I like Barilla pasta. It's 100% semolina. So I'd have to agree. The only way for me to get semolina is on line. 

I froze some pasta. Rolled a single egg size batch thin enough to read through. Cut it into 1/8 wide pasta. Shoved the pile into a plastic bag and froze it overnight. Cooked it for five minutes instead of four in salted boiling water. Then added five table spoons of home made tomato sauce. Made this before last Christmas and ended up freezing it. Was for a second batch of lasagna that never happened. it was good. OK really good. Getting hungry just thinking about it. Well worth the effort. 

cause the rat:
Ratio for American size large eggs to flour. One egg for every 80 grams of flour. Haven't tried my R. A. T. technique so I'm still kneading the dough for ten minutes. The 30 minute or longer resting time is important. Relaxes the dough. Makes it a bit easier to roll out.

Made chicken soup with pasta. The pasta held up perfectly. Was afraid it would dissolve. Cooked the pasta first then added it to the soup. So the soup wouldn't be starchy.
Haven't made pasta with water yet.


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