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To feed or not to feed: the feral cats


Jade Sinapu:
 While walking my dog,  I saw a few printed signs  along trails,
 which read...
" please do not let your dog eat this food.  I spend a lot of money on 120 lbs of cat food each month! This food is for the cats who were abandoned"
There were also water bowls which were frozen over.

I wanted to write this...
" the cats are feral,  reproducing on their own, only a few in the beginning may have been abandoned but they died of old age,  you can't feed them all.  Your food causes dependence,  and will cause suffering if you stop feeding.  And eventually you will have to stop feeding them because it's too expensive because the population will Just keep getting bigger . "

So what is right thing to do?
Not feed

Cats make for good eating. Just ask ALF.  :D

But mom has been feeding a few stray cats near her. I wish she would stop. Feeding one cat just brings another, then another, and so on. Better to call Humane Center or Animal Control and let them deal with it.

Frankly, if feeding them makes dependance and makes them stop taking out the native wildlife, so much the better. Cats, including domestic pet ones that are allowed outside, can absolutely decimate the small animal wildlife in their areas.

A lot of feral cat populations are controlled to a degree with capture, spay and release to stop them breeding and the population exploding.


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