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Mde my first desert from the midle agea.


cause the rat:
'A pumpkin tort without a shell'. What I ended up with was enough to split into two pans. One for me and one for the family. It's really good. Not as sweet and more robust in flavor. Really think everyone will like this. Will be making the second  one tomorrow. This early pumpion pie has the herbs rosemary, thyme and parsley. It's also full of dried currants, raisins and apples. And a good helping of Brandy.

Jade Sinapu:
That sounds like something to try!  Different than what I am used to!

cause the rat:
Awesome Jade. It's super easy to make. Pumpkin pie without a crust. The cheese is kinda expensive. Probably do it with two 8oz packs of cream cheese and be as good.

Video link to recipe,

cause the rat:
The pumpkin tort without a shell was awesome. Went over really well. The 'Pompion Pie' was off flavored and a bit bitter. Still have three quarters of this pie. Going to scoop it out and try to fix the flavor Not sure if I should try to sweeten it. Or add more herbs and turn it into a vedgi side dish. Either way I'm finishing it off. If I could spend all those years eating my X wife's cooking I will live threw this. :)

cause the rat:
I don't believe in luck or fate. However something happened last night that has never happened before. I've had this antique cake and pie carrier for years. For the first time every it popped open as I was carrying it from the car. The pie ended up meat side down on the sidewalk. I'm going to call it a stroke of good luck. :) Now i don't have to eat it.


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