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Drake Blackpaw:
It's not a deep male voice, but you can hear me sing in this song my band recorded.

Surf Messiah

I'm the third string vocalist in my band.  If it calls for an angry or comical sound, I usually end up being the singer.

Also, If you ever need some guitar samples for your songs, let me know.  That's my main musical talent.


 I would, but my mic quality sucks and I don't know how to make it not-suck.

Well, in that case, I guess I can try my luck. For the life of me I can't think of anything to sing, but here's a sample me of me doing the typical "do re mi" deal, hitting the highest note I can go on the second "do", then going back down the scale. *will keep the link here for a couple weeks*


Drake Blackpaw hey that like completely rocked!  Way cool.  Now myself I have had some voice training in theater but no real musical experience (I wish) with an instrument.

Being a Appellation dog I did write a folk song regarding the pains felt in a long distance relationship.  I have no music to go with it as of yet.  But I've been told it is a nice and hauntingly lovely melody.

The singing is not my best but a quick recording. In fact I may redo it at some point. I did the recording when I was folding landry. But the feeling is there.

Listen here:"Like the Wind Calls" written and © by: Gene Angel

Like the wind calls forth the whisper, and the fire that warms your eyes
And that all the tears a flowing, still won't bring you to my side
Hold me tight your simple lover, for I know you hurt inside..
And we'll dream of times a passing where I'll finally hold you right.
For the stream that goes a passing, down this rocky mountain side.
There I'll hear a lonely howling, telling me that it's alright
Now I call to you my darling, listen for me in the night
I am just a simple lover, where to be simple isn't right
So our time passes my darling, like the dew that holds the night
And I wish for you my love, just to feel my heart inside
So I cling these final moments, knowing that you'll go away
So say goodbye to me my darling, and we'll dream of better days...


Drake, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Your band kicks....hm..Well, you know. Do you guys have a CD or something?

Whitesheperd, my friend, that was cool. I love the old folk songs like that. It moves the heart and soul.

Don't look to me for a voice sample, it would probably break your speakers, Though I can sound a lot like Charlie Daniels....


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