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A Radio Spoof on Whaling


Spoof call to the Japanese government asking if it would be alright to kill some Japanese people for "scientific research" the same way they kill whales for "scientific research"

Here (1.4MB)

Sporty Fox:
It's a long download on dail-up, but it was worth the wait

That was silly! I can't believe they let him go on for so long!
Where did you find that?

Oy.  If that was a joke, that's good...because that's the same roundabout logic animal-rights activists use.  And I really, really dislike ARA's. >>

It is a joke, and it was by Today Today on Triple J (aka the Chaser team), you could probably listen to their show over the net if you want to stay up late enough (the show would start at about 1am US EST) (

Some more Today Today skits are here, but the archive doesn't work yet, and most of the jokes are about current events in Australia anyway.
And for those who don't know, whaling is illegal and almost all of the waters around of Australia and the Southern Ocean have been declared a whale sanctuary (so even if it was, you couldn't hunt them there).

Some further reading on anti-whaling can be found at WhaleWatch
I couldn't find a pro-whaling site (although I'll admit I didn't try very hard)

And here are some news articles about the recent IWC meeting in Italy
Japan Times
New Zealand Herald
Reuters AlertNet
The San Diego Union-Tribune

edit: IWC = International Whaling Commission


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