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Cat Attack at 20,000 Feet!

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In Brussels, a Belgian airliner made an emergency landing after an agitated passenger--a cat--got into the cockpit, and attack the co-pilot!  The cat was apparently a passenger's pet who escaped from its cage.  Once free, the cat wandered around the cabin, and slipped into the cockpit when meals were being served, becoming agitated at that point (well, airline food is pretty bad! ) and scratching the copilot's arm!  They returned to Brussels as a precaution (to avoid a cat-astrophe? ), and the 58 passengers left later...meow!  

Cat Attack!

How odd......

Fox G4:

That would've scared me and I'd probably send the plane into a nosedive. Luckily, everyone was OK, with the exception of a few claw marks to the co-pilot.

If a cat could get into the cockpit THAT easy, how are they suppose to stop someone from hijaking the plane?

I am serious, If they have THAT bad security that a damn cat can walk into the cockpit without being stoped it is seriously dangerous to fly these days.

Did they leave the door open or something?
Pilot one: "You think its safe here?"
Pilot two: "aah, don't worry, we have the door open... what the heck, who is screaming JIHAD JIHAD back their?"




Thats very odd!  
Since that ill fated day september 11th the cockpits on almost all planes are locked down from take off...only the pilots being able to open them.....


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