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Beauty and the Beasts



Mom and I went to town today and way out in a pasture full of angus/beefmaster bulls there was a little spotted white tail deer fawn. He was bounding happily from bull to bull. One would groom his face,the other just butted him away. Id never seen such a thing. The fawn looks a couple months old. I believe his momma is the doe we see out there alot. We didnt see her today tho. We watched til the bulls left out to the pond, fawn right on thier heels.

hmmm...interesting....I've never heard of bulls and deer getting along, especially not grooming one another.....well, I guess there's something new everyday

Sporty Fox:
Around here you see the deer out in the cows regularly, 'specialy come fall (hunting season). They know they're safe in the herd and the cows don't pay them any mind. Love the pic, I guess because I see it all the time I've never thought how unusual it appears on film.


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