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Title: Hybrid Dawn: Prologue
Post by: Zantyago on March 09, 2016, 07:06:41 pm
We are in the planet Earth.  Though some things have changed while others stayed the same; new races of sapient half human, half animals replaced the humans; this was the result of an uprising  against the human in which the Morphs won but in the process lots of the technology and infrastructure got destroyed, the result was a society that was brought back to the  19th-21st century depending on the aspect of technology talking about the  most  affected by the destruction caused by the GREAT FINAL WAR, in which despite no nuclear devices were deployed the destruction was immense, one of the lost technologies gave the user  the ability to deploy natural disasters on command and for this reason, you will find that even 200 years after those devices were used for the last time, you can still see the destruction and the chaotic climate, the problem is exacerbated by the fact that natural resources like oil and coal are  so hard to obtain it no longer worth the effort

All the species are present in all the environment though some of those are more concentrated on certain Biomes

Dressing up

Clothing is colorful; with new mutant creatures and plants, getting dyes has gotten much easier, though you can still find those that are made by chemical methods.Clothes are loose and drapy, so they don’t pull the fur Fabrics are usually of organic source, either animal or vegetal, and the stuff you can see are: Robes, trousers, skirts, shirts, vests, jackets, ponchos, and an assortment of different hats. Footwear is usually made out of leather and kept for years, inside the home they usually prefer to be barefoot. Quameras and kimeses and other hooved creatures can altogether avoid footwear of any sort. taurs normally carry a small mirror with themselves, to be able to inspect their bodies more thoroughly. On a side note the outfits are often inspired in many eras prior to the Great Final War the speculation may come from a rejection of mainstream fashion at the time, Which was high tech and plain looking Some people, a minority, prefer to be naked, and only dress up if they have no other choice, it’s a possibility to find nudist groups. 

Energy and transport.
At the moment there are very few vehicles being produced, the majority of vehicles are prewar survivors and those cars run on either renewable fuels via fuel cell or engines, or electric power and owning a car is a luxury, and batteries are very valuable because they have a limited lifespan. At the moment effort is being put to restart the production of high technology products again.
As a result, the preferred sort of vehicle is a hybrid of turbine and electric power.
The electrical grid is supported by renewables and biomass, because fossil fuels are not worth the effort, they are used for making goods
Some trade routes already exist which consists on run down highways and roads and owning a vehicle can ensure an income as a trader.

Technology and Industry.
The war- and neglect damaged industrial parts of the world are slowly being brought on line to replace critical parts before they break. Work revolves round making the goods needed to makes basic services and infrastructure work again, popular methods of manufacturing are 3d printing, casting, forging and CNC machining. Smelting is mostly performed with electrical furnaces. Much of the recovery efforts are aimed at bringing society's infrastructure back to prewar condition.
A sizeable portion of the technology of the era previous to the great final war remains, though some of it needs to be rediscovered and the other portions lack the infrastructure to support it. global communications are possible thanks to the remaining satellites and optical fiber connections.  Weaponry can be had in conventional, laser or sonic,  conventional are the most common then followed by laser and microwave, the latter ones are very hard to obtain and in many regions such devices are banned because of the immense firepower.

Title: Re: Hybrid Dawn: Prologue
Post by: Doc on March 10, 2016, 01:52:00 am
This sounds like its gonna be awesome.
Title: Re: Hybrid Dawn: Prologue
Post by: Zantyago on March 10, 2016, 07:53:48 am
:D yet more reason to complete it, one of theplans is to open u the universe for other authors to make their stories on
Title: Re: Hybrid Dawn: Prologue
Post by: Old Rabbit on March 10, 2016, 11:41:16 am
Quite an interesting world you have created there. Just think there may be a
world out in our universe very similar to what you have described.  :o  Perhaps the
Final War was as much Genetic as anything else.

It would make a nice project for a group of furry writers to work on. Lots of
potential for stories in a world like that.

I thought about writing one where humans created furries to be used as servants.
Only the furries turned out so intelligent they took over the world, and the humans
became their servants.  :D

Thanks for sharing. :orbunny:
Title: Re: Hybrid Dawn: Prologue
Post by: Zantyago on March 10, 2016, 12:24:02 pm
or pushed into reserves.....

i deliberately left out the species information, I want to decide how many  I will have in total either 7 or 6 with variable geographic distribution