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The original moderator, Jadnar, was last active in March, 2004.
The second moderator, Jalex Darnco, was last active in August, 2005.

We need a new moderator, new rules, and possibly a new setting, if we're going to pick things up again.

Who wants to help moderate this board? Having more than one might be a good idea, so no one person is responsible for following all the action.

I think we're going to want some rules to help organize things, so that nobody has to read every thread to figure out what's going on. I suggest a "local scope" rule: each thread covers one scene, and generally takes place in a particular location (some scenes, like a car chase, may cover a lot of ground before they're done, so they may intrude on several locations). If you're on a ship that lands somewhere (with intent to create action there), then the new location becomes a new thread (or the ship enters an old one), detailing the external action of the ship landing. Meanwhile, RP inside the ship continues in its own thread, possibly even several different threads for different sections that aren't part of the same scene (or personal scenes where folks may traverse the ship). Scenes start when action begins or is about to begin; that's easy enough. But when does a scene end? I'd say a scene ends when its action is done. In a car chase scene, the action is done when the chase is over. In a dramatic confrontation, the scene is done when the tension ends. In any scene, it's done when the action decides to go elsewhere and everyone leaves the area. Some scenes may end when another scene's action intrudes on them (repairs in Engineering are interrupted by a Red Alert). Something optional but useful would be that scenes get an opening post to set the scene, and a closing post letting folks know the action is done (or where it's gone).

I'd also like to suggest that threads be titled according to scene and location, so people can get a sense of ongoing history and action just by reading the thread titles. For example: "Waiting in Barnet Woods" (an ambush scene), then "Barnet Woods, after the attack" (that particular conflict has ended and folks are cleaning up).

Some scenes are going to be organized among participants and set up ahead of time, and that's fine. If nobody wants to enter a scene or someone wants a monologue, that's fine, you can have a scene to yourself and eventually post the denouement to close it (going elsewhere, for example). Another suggestion would be, if you aren't using PMs to organize, then public threads can be used, with "OOC" in the title. OOC threads give people a place to discuss the action without affecting it, and set things up between characters as needed. ("Can I shoot you?" "Sure, but not in the face." "How about a leg?" etcetera)

Anyway, those are my suggestions. Again, who wants to be a mod? (And how will mod labor be divided if we have more than one?) We oughta get that out of the way so folks can go apply to the forum admins for it.
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