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The Road
« on: March 21, 2014, 10:30:03 pm »
So, just recently, I was feeling lonely and a little depressed, so I wrote this poem.  Its a little melodramatic for me, but it made me feel better, which was the point, right?
Its nonlinear (its kindof a mash-up), but hopefully it still makes sense (just pay attention to indents).  I didn't really intend to share it, but I feel like some of you guys might actually appreciate the message more than most.  If you have any suggestions for improvement, please share!

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I drained my life in chasing dreams,
running paths before my feet,
Alone, I chased through countless nights;
I never asked where it would lead.

I set upon this lonely journey,
chasing haunted shadows in my mind;
I abandoned reality upon the road
that I lost myself to find.

    Reality seems but the shadow of dreams,
   cast long ago in their times.
   So shallow and empty and fragile it seems -
   not the dream I am longing to find.

   Behold the Land of the forgotten!
   The Land of Lost Hopes and Dead Dreams.
   The shadows of things, long since conceived,
   flit slightly then vanish like steam.

   Behold! you see nothing before you!
   O Behold! you see nothing behind!
   Where will you seek in this cold, barren place,
   for the dream you are hoping to find?
Ever seeking, feeling, hoping -
what more is there to see?
If this what I am in life,
then who am I, defined by dreams?

I fight the road to meet my fate;
its barren footpath wet with tears,
is both my sustenance and sorrow;
strewn with all my hopes and fears.

   Somewhere there's a barren road,
   an old man walked for eighty years,
   toward a rendevous with destiny,
   always sure the end was near.

   Always seeking, biding, dreaming,
   blind hope burned bright in him.
   He told himself the day would come,
   each day as skies grew dim.

   The road is flat but promising,
   and countless bounty grows beside,
   ever hopeful toward horizons,
   until it ends - the old man dies.

   He could not see the road he walked,
   and he shed a bitter tear,
   for a destiny forsaken,
   looking back on traveled years.

I'm but a wraith, drawn to search,
seeking dreams to set me free;
I was so sure that I would find it,
on the road that leads to me.

   Who am I, what am I,
   and where can I be found?
   What place in life is made for me,
   What land can be my ground?

      A wound I've borne for many years -
      such deep inflicted pains -
      it tears my soul and pulls my tears -
      my sustenance is drained.

   I want a better, stable place,
   to rest my weary soul.
   A place to find some shelter,
   and a place to call my own.

      This place, it hurts so deep with grief,
      this place - I don't know where.
      It comes from deep inside of me,
      but look - I do not dare.

   I'm all alone in this whole world,
   I don't know what to do.
   I'm lost - so lost -
   Where am I going to?

   What am I, who am I?
   How I wish I knew.
   Maybe there is no such place -
   maybe it's not true...

I find myself feeling empty and thin -
there's someplace that I'd rather be.
Alone in my mind, I feel what I am,
Alone - at last - I can be free.

Inside myself lives a separate world,
of hopes and fantasies and dreams -
the universe of my deepest thoughts,
a world that no other has seen.

   I saw a railroad track by twighlight,
   with trains that wandered by,
   lost amid the wand'ring paths,
   beneath the endless skies.

   Wand'ring in a village dawn,
   there were houses - empty shells,
   eternal waters caressed the stones,
   Oh, what secrets they could tell!

   While the world has gone to sleep,
   and death taken her for a while,
   I seek the secrets lost, forgotten,
   and see myself awhile.

I never hoped for easy routes;
no harder road could I have chose.
I left behind my joys and cares,
to chase the shadows in my soul.

My only hope is for better lives,
where I can live, at last, my dreams,
where friends will stand close by,
where I'm completely free.

   O, wondering of days beyond,
   The things that lie ahead,
   The things that lie await in store,
   Though all my hope be dead.

   Through dark a storm have I come through,
   and made it out as one,
   I still have many things to do,
   like was when I'd begun.

      The silver sunset shines ahead,
      A golden place to rest my head,
      And tragedy and silly fears,
      Can reach me no more hidden here.

      The rays of silver sunset bright,
      Will clothe me in a golden light,
      And I will wander and not fear,
      For evil cannot find me here.

   At that time of night,
   when day has come,
   dancing with the moon so bright;
   Look! Here comes the sun!

   Out I go, once again,
   on the road that I've begun,
   I still have many things to tend,
   Before the day I'm done.

If you made it this far, congrats!  (:
"Vira pyveþ maze lirno kaietello jai."
I am only a lone man with ten-thousand dreams.