Author Topic: Rasia Poetry Dump (Some may be considered sad/depressing)  (Read 3616 times)

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Rasia Poetry Dump (Some may be considered sad/depressing)
« on: September 02, 2014, 01:52:33 pm »
                    Why am I to wonder?   

   Why am I to wonder;
   That I am sleeping when I dream,
   That the world can not be the place that I’d like it to be.
   Why am I to wonder;
   What other people think,
   Their smile, with teeth bared, can change me in a blink.
   Why am I to wonder;
   About the light next sunrise brings,
   When I know I must face the monsters as the birds start to sing.
   Why am I to wonder,
   To ponder, and to think,
   My thoughts will drag me down until I start to sink.

                       My Storm
   My life keeps going forward, my faults can hold me back
   My goals they give me hope, to quickly pick up the slack.
   My dreams, they may be fake, but soon they're very real
   My thoughts are mine alone, no one else can steal.
   Sometimes I am scared, I will admit to that
   Those times when I feel hopeless, surrounded by all things black
   I do not think straight, the way I think I should
   I hope to come out of darkness, only if I could.
   Now, I am different, now I can see light
   No more fighting tears, or crying in the night.
   I can feel my heart beating, feeling warm,
   I can now feel better, I've waited out my storm.