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The "Bad News" thread.

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cause the rat:
Bummer Jade. Try laughing at them. Truth hurts.

Jade Sinapu:
I still hear them talk about the things they were talking about.  Their supervisor doesn't seem to catch on.  My supervisor knows now what is going on.  There was a phone conversation,  people were floored about what I said happened.  Will see what happens if anything. 

My bad news is our company seems to be losing people all of the sudden.  Hmm.

cause the rat:
Loosing people? Perhaps that's good news Jade.  I've been at the same place for 29 years now. It's not the job, it's the people you work with that makes the job. This has been true everywhere I've worked.

Messed up on how much vacation time I actually have. Had to cut this one short and go back to work.

Jade Sinapu:
My brother needed shoulder surgery.  He waited and finally got it done.
I was visiting him a week ago because surgery failed.  Sutures pulled out of tendon and muscle went slack.  Pin still in bone.
During that initial surgery,  he was given a nerve block in his c6,c7 vertebra to paralyze his shoulder and such.  It paralyzed his right lung and half of diaphragm.    It was a big deal as he couldn't breathe.  It resolved in a day.  Doctors said it was actually common.

Anyway on his second surgery to make his right arm useful again,  he was doing OK. Then they started to take him off anesthesia and for some reason he had anaphylaxis and his heart stopped.  He was without oxygen for 2 minutes potentially.  Was rushed to a hospital that could actually do more.
He was resuscitated and started getting oxygen via a tube.
He almost died and no one seems to know why or are not talking.
But he needs to know why so it can be avoided again.

He is able to text me and take a selfie. So that is good!
But it shook me up bad.  My brother and I despite issues, are close. 
Sometimes he is all I have.

Jade Sinapu:
My brother is doing better, but his meds are making him very irritable.
But he is alive still!

My bad news is I can't seem to control my crazy dog Wanda.
Small first world issues, I know.


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