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Fursona Bio Thread.

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Dragon first


Height: 8' tall [never gonna be an actual suit]
Weight: 200 lbs
Gender: Male
Appearance: Scarred, has glowering red eyes, no hair, wears hides, has a greataxe on his back

Likes: Fights, drinking
Dislikes: Fancy talk, cowardice, magic-users

Temperament: What temperament? he is highly prone to fly into a rage at minor things. Has been improving slowly.
Sociability: Anyone he can intimidate hates him, and he is mostly a loner...

Coloring: Red

Picture: see left [unless I change later]

Name - Milde
Species - Hazel Dormouse
Height - 5ft 3"
Weight - 8 1/2 stone
Gender - female
Fur colors/patterns - Cream, tawny, golden brown
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Digigrade flat-faced anthro
Clothing -
Likes - Mead, fruits and berries, being outdoors
Dislikes - Rats and small, cramped spaces.
Temperment and socialability - Baseline is optimistic, kind-hearted and surprisingly hardy and hard-working. Tougher and more resiliant than she looks.
Fursona picture -
Other Bio Information -
* Backstory:

Ol Rab:
Name - Hiiro

Species - Celestial Dragon

Height - 6'5 When sitting on haunches. 10'ft When standing up to full height. 7'2 long from snout to base of tail. Tail is 20'ft long.

Weight - 1.5 tons.

Gender - Male

Fur color/patterns - No fur, only glossy, smooth, dark green keeled scales. Along his neck and back and tail are sharp black stripes. Long spines roll down from his head to along his back.

Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Feral, but can stand to become digitigrade.

Clothing - Hiiro is almost never seen without a wide brimmed black hat pulled over the eyes, fingerless(clawless) weighted gloves, and a large black cloak. Wears also a black chainmail tunic.
 Odd for a feral dragon to have a sense of style? Perhaps.

 Pic: To the left and up to see a rough early conceptional portrait. Minus the wardrope.
And with the addition of lots of all water weight....

 Current Hiiro is alot slimmer and more athletic.


Storm Fox:
Name: David Storm
Species: Vulpes Vulpes (Red Fox)
Height: 26 inches (estimated)
Weight: 14 lbs (estimated)
Gender: Male
Colors/patterns: Amber fur with a white lower half for the face, amethyst eyes, black lips, black nose, and black whiskers.
The ears have black tips (for the upper two fifths), with white interiors and amber backsides.
The back fur is amber that gets darker towards the rear, and the chest and underside is white from the legs and throughout, up to the neck and face.
The legs have black fur from the paws to roughly the bottom third of the legs, amber on the outer part and white on the inner part from the black area to the bodies white under fur.
Black fur for the paws, charcoal grey paw pads, and black nails with some white hairs around the nail base.
And the tail has dark amber at the base extending from the back, to a moderate amber further down, with a white tip that has a few black hairs mixed into the white area.
Build: A little on the scrawny side but more fuzzy looking than boney.
Feral, Digitgrade, or Plantigrade: Feral
Likes: Nature, wilderness, exploring new places, and learning new things.
Dislikes: Ignorant, inconsiderate, mean, and foolish individuals.
Temperament and sociability: Rather quiet and reserved.
Tries to be kind and considerate, most especially to those who show kindness and consideration.
Though is also not one to suffer mean or inconsiderate fools, and is generally not someone you would want to get pissed off.
Fursona picture: (*Points to avatar picture*) and, (Best current picture for face).

Name - Brunn Bear
Species - Bear-Goat
Height - About 5'7" (Not counting horns)
Weight - About 200 lbs
Gender - Female
Fur color/patterns - Bear body, with the horns and hooves of a goat. Brown fur with a tan belly, muzzle, cheeks and a stripe that runs between the eyes. Occasionally seen with glasses.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Unguligrade (I walk on my hoofies!)
Clothing - Generally wears a green hoodie, and tan cargo pants.
Fursona picture - (More pictures in my Anthro gallery)

Likes: Rain, cloudy days, quiet places, books, chinese food, soups and stews, sleeping and naps, plushies and jigsaw puzzles
Dislikes: Spiders, loud places, crowds
Temperment and Sociability: Does not like meeting new people and is very shy. Generally quiet and reserved. Can be excitiable around friends. Very grumpy in the mornings, or when around people she finds obnoxious. Prefers quiet, hidden places. Loves to cook and read. Feels most comfortable alone, and prefers solitary activities.


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