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Watching movies.

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What genres of movies and tv shows do people like to watch/prefer? Or.......what do you dislike and not want to watch?

When it comes to movies and tv shows, I prefer the following in order:
1. Sci-Fi/Fantasy
2. Action/Adventure
3. Comedy
4. Historical/Documentary
5. Cartoon/Anime

At least 70% or more of my DVD collection (600+ movies) is Sci-Fi.

cause the rat:
It's good to know I can only make 16 choices.  :D

If I'm going to watch something I want it to be more family oriented.

Science Fiction

Kinda contrasts with my all time favorite move, 'The Good, The Band and The Ugly'.

I very rarely watch films. It's become a running joke with my friends, if they say "did you ever see.... Oh wait you wouldn't have done".
Part of this is from not having a TV licence or money to go to the cinema for a long time, and then when I did go to the cinema with friends they would want to sit very near the front whereas I am horrifically long sighted. Ad to that lots of sound, light and warmth triggers my migraines... I just don't really watch films.

 When I do watch things, it tends to be comedy, sci-fi and fantasy, or anime.

Hans the husky:
I don't watch movies on a regular basis but when I do, I tend to prefer older films.


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