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Furry news?


In a furry world, where would you most likely get your news information from? What do you think you'd listen to most?

Kay Alett:
Well I usually get my news from jokey places like the daily show and last week tonight.

John Oliver is obviously a stork. You can't tell me he isn't he even sounds like what an anthro stork would sound like.
Jon Stewart is either a falcon or an owl. Some kind of bird that be really expressive but also express some fury when needed.
Stephen Colbert is a fox who wears a bald eagle mask. He used to wear it all the time, now he puts it on as a joke reference.
Trevor Noah sounds like he would be a gopher. Witty, funny, deceptively smart and cute as a button.

I know you didn't ask who we think our newscasters would be as animals Kobuk but I figured that would be a logical step rather than try to invent entirely new newscasters and decide what they should be.

There was an artist a while back who drew Johnny Carson was a fox, but I always had him for a Spaniel or a Terrier of some sort.

SWAT Kats decided Dave Letterman was a cat, which fits, and Conan O'Brien is absolutely one hundred percent a Maned Wolf.

The others? Up for debate.


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