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What if you weren't into the furry fandom?

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Imagine if you had never heard of or discovered the furry fandom.
What other hobby/interest or fandom do you think you'd have gotten into that would have taken the furry fandom's place?

Jade Sinapu:
Because I like animals,  I would have gotten into wild life conservation or study? Maybe?

Furry Fandom, does take some of my time,  but not a whole huge amount.  So I guess maybe gotten more into some computer games more.  Hard to say.

cause the rat:
Painting, crafts, singing, guitar playing, recording and creating music, wood working, playing poker, cooking, bread making, hybridization and propagation, collecting and making reproductions of old Christmas ornaments, old roses, there's probably more. Most of this I'm still happily chugging away at. The fandom fits only because I like anthro characters. And I have an ongoing anthro world in my head.  Years before I ever knew about the fandom. There are hobbies I've had in the past I'm no longer interested in. At one time I was really big into Halloween.

Um I'd probably be in other fandoms, I do like other fandoms so.

Rocket T. Coyote:
WW2 re-enactments/living history.


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