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What's it like to be a Mod/Admin?

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<font color='#EEEEEE'>I've been a mod since last May. I've been a member here at Furtopia for over a year. As a mod, AND a member, there are some things I would like to address.

First, I'll tell you what it's like to mod. 1) We don't get paid for this, and we don't get benefits. So if you think that we do this as a service to our friends here to protect our forum, DING, you got it right. It's hard, because as well as watching the behavior of others, I have to watch my own, as I must be a role model to new members. Older members also have this role. Also, we are accountable for our own behaviors, just like you, and WS and Kada hold us at a higher standard because we are examples. I don't always feel I set the highest of examples, but I'd like to point out a few things.

If I have ever edited a post, or deleted, or moved something of yours, I sent you a PM to let you know, because I care to discuss with you the situation. I ALWAYS thank you for your cooperation. This is because I have consideration for my peers. This is MY free time, and really, I could just delete something I didn't think was appropriate. But I don't, because I respect my peers.

If I have ever warned you for doing something, again, whether it be on IRC or on the forums, I THANK YOU, because I would think that common courtesy would have you be as courteous to me, as I am to you.  I warn you ahead of time, and send you a copy of the rules page, so you know, and I know, that YOU are accountable for your further actions.

The mods here work as a team. They are MEMBERS as well. We are all human, and we don't change into like, hard ab'd (trust me on this) super furries with the intent to ban. We don't post a thread to ban. We post a thread of one's behavior. Often enough, this thread is progressive over months (depending on the member's behavior) and eventually, someone calls a vote to ban, in which all the staff makes a suggestion of yes and why, or no and why.  This is our system. No one person decides, unless someone is obviously trolling, at which time, the admins place a ban.

You can have any of those little x's under your name or a ban evaluated. Yes, if your behavior has improved, and you've made amends, those little blemishes can go away, however.....if the behavior continues, you most likely have a thread and a ban vote started.

Yes, it is hard for me to tell my friends at times, that they have done something wrong. It's rough on me, coz usually I am the one who tells them. NO they don't get benefits from being my friend. You can ask any of my close friends that.

On that note, I'll close this. This thread itself will be locked, but feel more than welcome to post your concerns, replies, and questions to me. On closing, I love this place. I have a lot of close friends here, enough to consider them my family. Would you not protect your friends?  Please consider this, instead of bringing down the moral of our group.</font>

I think that was very well put, Peaches.

I have unlocked it as you requested for responses.

Please be respectful of others as you post your responses.

I've been a member here for quite some time now and have never had any probs with mods or other members I come here to get away from the crap in my life so why start it here.
For the few members that have probs with mods here ,thay should go to some of the forums I've been to you so boo to the mods on those forums and you get banned .
So just mellow out and have fun and be kind to your fellow furs

I have only been a member for about a week but I think this forum is very well maintained!

::nods:: I think the staff is doing a great job. Furtopia is a very tight knit community, and you guys keep it that way. When someone breaks the rules and a moderator has to correct the person, some people will take offense to it, even if they are 100% wrong. You are just doing your job -- People shouldn't take things so personal.


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