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Wise's words
« on: March 05, 2014, 09:00:37 pm »
My words. Felt like I needed to put it somewhere.  (:

My body is a tragic thing to behold
My limbs number in half for the strength I possess
My mouth sewn shut for the words that should not have been said
My ears cut off for the things I have heard
My nose shut tight to no longer smell the tension of the population
My eyes removed to avoid the fear
You could say my form, is innocence lost


For the courageous, Fear is an irrational illusion hidden behind paranoia
For the cautious, Fear is a normality to which no one questions

(Not quite Poetry, but something I made up which I like a lot)


The relief was not what was expected
The man lie still, feeling bested
He knew everything, but could not comprehend it
All seemed the same to him... when he was hit
Everybody looked the same, donning a similar face
He wanted to understand it, but at his own pace
The strong seemed weak and the rich seemed poor
This all seemed like a big wide blur
It suddenly all stopped to reveal a door
A door with no color, quality, or frame
All was the same to the man then
But before in life, all was different to our young man, Ben
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