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Branwyn Red-Eyes:
Do away with this ridiculous "GM Status" crap.  I have never experienced anything so frustrating, annoying, or off-putting then all of the crap I am being put through, just so I can have some fun.  What is the point of it, anyway?!  What does it accomplish, other than keeping people from having fun?  Weeding out the poor RPers and the trolls?  Competent RPers can do that, themselves, by simply choosing to not RP with them.

I have been forum going for about eight years now, just a little bit longer than I've been in the fandom, and I swear on the Goddess herself, I have NEVER experienced anything this horrible.  I have technically been a member of this site for a little over a year now?  And when I first joined, I had no problems, everything was hunky-dory, that system had not yet been implemented!  I had a point where real life intervened and I could not get online for a bit.  I get back, I get on the site, and I find this stupid crap waiting on me.  I can't even MAKE an RP without presenting my credentials like I'm signing up for a job or some . . . crap like that!  I just now started working my way back into this site, because the minute I realized what I had to go through just to be able to do a simple RP, not even anything Adult, just a basic, SFW RP, I walked out.  I turned around and said "Forget that crap!"  And walked away because that was just ridiculous!  What IS THE POINT!?  I honestly do not understand WHY you people have done this!?  The only effect I can see it having is to drive off prospective members when they see the crap they have to go through, just to be able to RP. 

. . . . I don't know, maybe. . . . MAYBE I would accept it a bit better if I just understood WHY it's even there.  What caused you lot to assume that this was a good idea or a good thing for the site?  Seriously, help me out here, please?


--- Quote ---Weeding out the poor RPers and the trolls?
--- End quote ---

You pretty much answered your own post right there. Though I think the word "troll" might be too harsh.

This thread might answer some of your questions Branwyn.

Branwyn Red-Eyes:
And did you not bother reading the REST of it?  It is not necessary for that!  People should be able to make their own decisions on who they do and do not RP with, wihtout having their hands held! 

And, btw, no, it does not.  Read above for why.  It is none of your business.  YOu should not have to read any of our RPs, beyond making sure taht the rules of thumb regarding Adult and non-Adult are followed.  Other than that, it should be the responsibility of each individual RPer to make sure that their RPs follow the rules, and that they do not have bad RPers in their midst.  Not yours. 

If people actually followed the rules that were set in an RP without it devolving into arguments every five minutes, we wouldn't have HAD to start stepping into RPs in the first place. But after several incidents - and it was several, not just one isolated incident - over a long period of time, it was obvious that letting people try and manage it themselves was not working. GMs were not aware of the power they had over their own threads and were calling members of staff in to deal with something they should have been able to handle by themselves.


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