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I'm a therian, but it's pretty hard to find others here. Could we please have a place for that, probably under community group sub-forums?

I don't see the need for a separate therian group. Not because I don't like or welcome therians, but simply because Furtopia is already accepting of such a group. We welcome furries, therians, and even people who don't want to be furry but still come here to learn about the fandom.
In all the time I've been here, Furtopia never banned therians or therian discussion. We've got plenty of various forums already where somebody can post a therian topic and discuss it.

In other words, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

The reason for a therian/otherkin area is so we can find each other easier and post our topics in a area that increases the possibility of other therian/otherkin seeing it. Then non therian/otherkin wouldn't have to sort through our topics. The average furry couldn't care less about shifting or theriotype.

You did read this, right, in the pinned thread?

--- Quote ---If we add another board, then we have to take into consideration if the "traffic flow/interest/demand" for that new board justifies us having it. If people don't see it, use it, etc., then it just sits there and doesn't get used, then why have it?
--- End quote ---

Yes I did.


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