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Walmart selling furstuit heads????

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cause the rat:
Seen this online first. Then happened to be walking threw our wally and seen them in person.

Now i've heard both pros and cons about them. Even some furry Youtubers telling people not to buy them. Others saying it could be your first fursuit just for fun. My thoughts? They are very hard to breath in. Very cheaply made. But if you wanna rock one at a furcon or meet go for it. For $20+ you could have fun with it. They also have jumpsuit like house coat/PJs made up to look like animals this year as well. These could also be a blast to wear at a con or meet. I don't have a link for them. Finding anything at walmartdotcom is a joke.

I've never put one of these on. But did take a look inside. The head is like any other mascot head. Round and one size fits all. The eyes and neck are the only openings. There is no air flow for the mouth. Personally I don't plan on buying one of the heads. But almost came home with one of the house coat/PJ things. They're awesome.

I have to go exchange some shoes I bought last night. More than likely come home with

Varg the wanderer:
I saw that! Maybe it will get more people interested in furry through these.

Isn't this still technically furry chat?

Still, I wonder if this is a sign we're becoming more accepted.

Moved here because it probably fit better :)

cause the rat:
Well. Looks like I fell asleep at the wheel. My post kinda went off into nothing.  :D  What i was going to say was I will probably come home with one of the house coat/PJs. But after looking at them again I didn't.

BennyJackdaw, that would be nice. But I think it's more along these lines. Most of the people I talk to about the fandom have no clue we exist. So I'm guessing this is more of a Halloween thing. But it would be nice to think our fandom is becoming more main stream.

Varg, I'd be disappointed if I didn't see a few of these bobbing around the next furcon I go to.


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