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It seems like in order to view the most recent posts on Furtopia, a person must be logged in to the forums. What if we had the following for members/non-members who didn't want to log in?
Scroll to the bottom of this website forum and view the Info. Center.
Notice how there's a section titled "Recent Posts" that gives a listing of recent posts within the last several minutes, days, etc., etc.
I think this would be really cool to have and would be really easy for people to view recent posts without having to log in all the time.
Forums that are hidden such as adult boards or anything else will not have their posts show up in the recent posts listing.

Storm Fox:
You can view the most recent posts on the forum (whether you are logged in or not) by scrolling down to the bottom of the front page and clicking on where it says "View the most recent posts on the forum".

Yes, I know about clicking that link. I just thought maybe we could have something different that is more easily and visually accessible. ;)


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