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Jade Sinapu:
Is it possible to have Furtopia send a generic email to the address I used to register here, when I get a P.M. on Furtopia?

Something like "you have one or more new messages on Furtopia".  No mention of screen name etc.

Or would this require something out of the scope of the forums?

We used to have a very good automated email system. Currently however, for various reasons I shan't bother to get into, the email server is down and automated emails cannot be sent.

Jade Sinapu:
So, without detail, are there any plans on resurrecting email via Furtopia? Or P.M. bouncing to external Email.

I know just a few basics about email, so, I know that in theory if I were to give Furtopia my SMTP and POP3 details and login and password, it could essentially log into my external email as if it were me, and write an email to myself... I did that before when I wrote a simple windows app a few years ago.  All you really have to worry about is the security protocols.  like GMail ramped up their security requirements and it put an end to my method because I couldn't get past the authentication steps.  I think it was TLS handshake.  Its been too long, can't really remember now.

The email system is a relic of how old the site is, sadly. Without going into too many details, the basics of it is: the way it is currently set up, our emails get regularly blacklisted. We can send them, but you will not receive them. It is possible we could fix it, but it would require talking with WS, as he is the site owner, and some work on his end of things. He is semi-retired now, however. It isn't something that anyone who isn't WS can fix (although Weisse hsa tried).


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