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Funday Pawpet Show Is Back

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Rocket T. Coyote:
For the past few months, FPS is back in it's old time slot on Twitch. The program runs four hours, 6 to 10 PM EST. The pawpets banter with the guests in the Shout Box and in VR Chat Room--check out the avatars there. Submit questions for the games and requests for the guest on FPS Subservient. Expect some coarse language. They do have a swear jar, I've been told.

Rocket T. Coyote:
FPS is cancelled for tonight. Two of the staff are away.

Rocket T. Coyote:
FPS has moved to Mixcloud so music choices aren't an issue any more. Same time slot. Also, if anyone knows anyone with an Australian Shepherd puppet for sale, please contact them.

Rocket T. Coyote:
FPS moved back to Twitch to better deal with trolls in the Shout Box. The downside here is any video submissions cannot have copyrighted music. This means the usual Lawrence Welk sendoff at the show's end must be omitted.

Rocket T. Coyote:
The aftermath of Hurricane Ian may interrupt FPS broadcast schedule this weekend. Just tried to submit video with no luck.


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