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Gamertags? Wii Codes? DS Friend Codes? PSN?

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Aedus Goldtail:
Aedus Fox is my gt for Xbox live. I'm mostly on the Xbox one and I play smite, black ops 3, ark (just started), and borderlands handsome collection. Feel free to add me at any time ^^. Just let me know you're from the site so I can add you too.

My 3DS friend code is 1951-1987-5970

I'd prefer if you send me a PM to warn me you'll be adding me as well.

Look forward to seeing some of you.

PSN: DerFeuerFuchs
I usually play CoD AW, Battlefield 4, or various other games =)

i've got an xbox 360, a 3ds and a psvita

Xbox Gamertag: Gunshytuba73943
psn: Vinpony
3ds friend code: 4055-4479-4444

im logged into one of these consoles most of the time, the psvita being the least one i use cause lack of games and people to play with.
i don't mind, in fact i actually like helping people out in games ^^ so feel free to add me and send me a pm (for the friend code) if you want and i hope to get a lot of friends to play with :).
best regards, Vinny.


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