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Soldier of Fourtune
« on: May 05, 2012, 01:28:17 am »
Ok, so Im working on this story and/or book called Soldier of Fourtune.

Heres an exerpt from the book;
While Foxtrot and Trinity squad were searching the facility, Delta squad stayed behind to guard the entrance. Not long after the teams had split-up and dispersed, Foxtrot and Trinity squad recieved a garbled and paniced transmission from Delta squad. As the young private, Willis, passes the main radio to Sgt.Johnson, the roar of gun fire and the horrible sound of screaming is heard over the speaker. The sargeant takes a quick look at his team, after telling Crp.Becenti and Pvt.Johanson to watch the door they had just came through, he waits for them to take-up positions at the two pillars close to the door before keying the reciever on the radio. The voice of pvt.James comes in over the speaker, "Sarge...can you hear me?", to which the Sgt.Johnson replies, "What is it private?". The signal goes into static but then comes back, the private's voice sounds paniced, "We're under attack, b-but, they're not human, they're some kind of - oh my god,no!!!". The signal and transmission go out completely, all that can be heard is static.
"Private, do you copy, over!?", but recieving no reply, Johnson keys Foxtrot squad's frequency, "Captan Roran, we're moving up to the control center, it's time to find out what in the hell happened here!".
The captain replies with, "Copy that sargeant, over.", after Sgt.Johnson hands the radio back to Pvt.Willis, he turns to Lt.Jonas and Crp.Azreal.
"You two," He says, "Get your butt's up to Delta squad's position and find out what the hell just happened up there."
Jonas starts to protest, "But sarge..."but the sarge cuts him off, "Dont gibe me any lip soldier, I gave you an order!", Azreal interupts their argument, "Sarge, listen!".
The squad looks around, and as they listen closely, they can hear somthing in the air-vents.
"What in the hell...", Pvt.Willis whispers to himself as the squad shoulders their weapons and Bacinti and Willis crouch down, readying themselves for whatever may happen.
Pvt.Detemple glances to the right, towards a vent with bent and ruptured bars, seeing movement he quickly whirls in that direction and aims his M4A1 at the opening.
"Contact, I've got a contact!"He yells out and Johnson quickly shuts him up, "Stow it marine, move back...slowly...".
It becomes clear that they are being watched.
As a roar resounds from the half-opened vent, Detemple fires three three-round bursts from his M4A1 and catches somthing, as blood slowly dribbles from some of the holes in the vent.
"Corporal...", the sarge motions to  Azreal to check the vent.
As the Corporal crouches by the vent, he scrapes two fingers through the small puddle of blood.
"Sarge, check this o-", he never finished, as a strange creatures reaches out of the vent and pulls him into it, his screams are heard as the creature drags him through the vents and the marines gun fire resounds through the vents but soon ceases, as do his screams.
"Fall back, lets get the hell outta here marines!", The Sargeant yells as he and his team run through the passageway to the control center, leaving Azreal behind.

Your thoughts?
"It all started just a few hours ago...the squad was out on routine patrol across the contact started to fail,all we could here were terrible screams...amongst teh screasm and gun-fire,we made-out one cry,'They're coming...they're...everywhere!'."