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Trail Mixes!


Here are some trail mixes that I enjoy, and the things I put in them. They make for great snacks, too. (I usually chew on them during class. lol)

Cranberry Mix

M&Ms (Plain)
Dried cranberry raisins
Cashews (salted)
Peanuts (Optional)

(This tastes really good when chilled.)

Plaintain Mix

Dired plaintain chips (salted or unsalted)
Dried apricots
Dried cashews or peanuts
Tamarind bits (You could just buy a whole tamarind and chop it up into little chunks.)
Pistachios (Shells removed, of course.)

Saotome's Gonna Stay Up All Night Mix

(This one is a little mess I put together one day, but came out to be something that kept me up all night long on the computer.   )

chocolate covered expresso beans* or regular expresso beans
Dark chocolate chips / M&M minis
chocolate covered macadamia nuts

(I know it sounds nasty, but it's actually pretty good.)

*The Chocolate covered expresso beans could be bought, or made by using a strainer, a melting pot, some beans and chocolate by using these crappy instructions!

1. Get a brick of chocolate (break it off to the size needed to the amount of expresso beans you will cover) and melt it over a low fire in a fondue pot or something similar.

2. Set up a strainer over a bowl while the chocolate is melting. Put the coffee beans in the strainer.

3. Once the chocolate is melted, slowly pour the chocolate over the beans. Slightly shift the beans around by shaking the strainer so the chocolate could cover them as evenly as possible.

4. Give the time for the chocolate on the beans to harden, and there ya go. Stick the beans in a bowl or something.

And there. Saotome's mixes. More to come!

Is this some kind of weird fetish or something?

Waaaaaaaaaaaaa[runs and hides]

After a holiday i cant see Trail Mix! for two years till the next,

On Holiday ill eat it just to keep my body wait and energies i don't eat it ill lose some tinge like 33 pound and I'm only 130 so it is mandatory

Quote (Koogs @ Nov. 26 2005, 11:34 am)Is this some kind of weird fetish or something?
For me it is, Koogs.

For me...

*licks a bag of tail mix all sexy like*


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