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Skyrim - Ulfric or Empire? (Potential Spoilers)

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I usually play as Argonian or Khajiit. I almost always side with Ulfric, mainly because he's more of a grass-roots leader. He's got problems when it comes to social issues - "Skyrim elongs to the Nords!" But I feel like he's better than the Empire for the fact that he seems more respectful of personal freedoms. With the Empire paying homage to the Thalmor, losing its grip on the populace, and overreaching its power in personal liberties, I usually side against them. I do like that they're more organized and professional though.

Plus, I'm pretty sure they drop more gold when killed. Might be wrong.


--- Quote from: Holt5 on January 30, 2017, 03:06:03 pm ---...he seems more respectful of personal freedoms.
--- End quote ---
... for the Nords. I don't think e really cares about the personal freedoms of other races.

Solo (The Lone Wolf):
So I am a bit obsessed with ES so this reply may go on apologies in advance :). either way skyrim is screwed due to the aldmeri dominion seeing themselves as above all other races if the dovahkiin helps the storm cloaks then the aldmeri dominion will steam plow them because your talking about a small place with a low population density versus the elven provinces which largely outnumber the nords by quite a large amount.however due to the elves opinion that they are superior to the other races of Nirn they will break the white gold concordat and again steam plow through the province with the empire in control however with the whole of the empire that task would be a whole lot more troublesome meaning 1:0 for the empire over the stormcloaks. next skyrim is a trading town clearly due to the lack of farms looks like a lot but there is hardly enough to go around without the import from other places such as cyradil. they are again screwed whereas the empire would still have the imports coming in via the East empire trading company meaning skyrim would not starve to death especially during frost mauth (or the winter) that is why skyrim would be weaker to attacks under ulfric.but even if that wasn't true skyrim is better ruled under the fist of the empire than of the traitor ulfric who used religion to impact the nords into fighting sort of like a modern day organisation but... I will leave that at that to save offence. if you speak to some of ulfrics supporters family you would understand why the empire is a much better choice ulfric is a racist who doesn't care about anyone who isn't a nord. in a snippet of defense for him skyrim used to be primarily nords but other races came and so forth when talking to one dude he says how ulfric wouldn't lift a finger to save a caravan of khajiit or argonians from bandits. more holes in ulfric he killed the high king in a highly unfair and dishonourable way indeed the high king can't shout ,yet he kills him in that manor he only really wants true sons and daughters of skyrim in his army which explains the lack of diversity in the stormcloak army. which is also a weakness due to racial abilities which is just ignored he treats dark elves and argonians like slaves and subhumans. lastly gonna defend one stormcloaks one bit for a guy with no experiance in war he does a fairly good job where as the empire if they sent a few more men could have ended the rebellion so much more easily the empire is 5:2 up so I conclude the empire is the most logical and safest choice to make.

P.s the choice that I'd make kill the dark brotherhood let Victoria Vicci marry peace between both factions but Bethesda decided to overlook that one.
#PutObsidianInControl (fallout new vegas thought of everything they decided it's your adventure see how it plays out bethesdas doesn't really give any real choice which saddens me)
P.P.S where are the other races children wasted opportunity want to see a khajiit fluffball
Any who stuck around watch Zaric Zhark(something can quite remember just search that bit) if you are interested in ES lore he knows what he's talking about :)

End Of Rant

Would like to ask why do a lot of ES fans hate dragon age :( ?

Holy run-on sentence, Batman. Can you please try and use some more punctuation in your posts? Because that is almost unreadable as it is.

Solo (The Lone Wolf):
In my defence it's why I'm failing English but I will attempt to fix it


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