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You may want to stop eating food after reading this.

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You never truly know what may be in the food you eat.  :o  :o  :o

cause the rat:
I'm in my 50's. I survived waxed cardboard boxes and food without expiration dates. So not only have I eaten food longer than most of you. I ate it with way lower standards. Eat on. :)

Jade Sinapu:
Things are getting better...
I am not as old as Cause...however...
I remember seeing many insects,  always dead, in corn meal, flour, oats, etc.
This is why we would use a flour sifter, to remove them.

Nature gave me strong stomach acid, and you too. It is there to help break food down into smaller chunks and deactivate DNA so your food is nothing more than raw materials.
I've seen my dog eat her own poop, and have no issues later.
I've eaten a lot of dog hair in my own food and never got sick.
And dog hairs are much larger than mouse hairs...
Most all my food is cooked, so not too worried.
Plus people eat insects in many countries anyway.

Humans are just animals.  They can eat the low quality junk just like the animals do.

Furries like me however...deserve only the best food and drink!
But seriously, interesting article,  but a bit on the fear factor side.


--- Quote ---Furries like me however...deserve only the best food and drink!
--- End quote ---

Come to my cafe tomorrow then. We're having a special: Hot pastrami and swiss on rye.  :)

Jade Sinapu:
Sounds good Kobuk. Can I have a diet Coke with that?


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