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Cooking bad cuts of beaf.


cause the rat:
Low and slow. Temp at 250 f. or 120 c. for 2 hours. Two and a half for thicker cuts of beaf. Have the meat covered. I do mine in an open pan covered tightly with foil. Let the meat sit for a good 10 or more minutes before cutting. And always cut across the grain.

Varg the wanderer:
If you let it sit in an acid (vinegar) or wail on it with a hammer you can make it more tender too, but generally low n' slow is the way to go.

cause the rat:
Vinegar? Pickled stake? :) I've had hit and miss results in marinating beef. Even with an old restaurant trick of using ice tea. Low and slow works best if there's a good amount of fat in the cut. A totally lean cut can dry out.


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