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Food of today versus food of yesteryear


Jade Sinapu:
Why does bread not mold in my house?
Why are my tangerines/tomatoes large, tasteless and tough?

Compare a food of today to something you clearly remember being different a while ago.
(I know some people are not as old as others, so go back as far as you can/want)

Is there a difference in our food we eat now?  Is it better/worse?  How?

And ... why doesn't my bread mold anymore?

cause the rat:
Let's go back to the 70's and start with apples. Most of the apples we seen when i was a kid was around mid fall to mid winter. They were not covered in wax and they were all ripe on the inside. Sometimes to ripe. Safety standards were not like they are today. Expiration dates were unheard of. They used pink lights in meat display coolers to make the product look better. It sat on the shelf until someone bought it.

Jade, there is no such thing as none genetically altered food. That's why your tomatoes and tangerines taste and look that way.

As far as bread goes. A loaf of bread made from just flour, salt yeast and water will mold quickly. Adding sugar, proteins and fats like vegi shortening actually alters the bread. It wont mold as quickly. If your brad brand doesn't list a preservative it may be the types of oils used.

And speaking of fats. Pre packaged things like honeybuns and doughnuts. When I was a kid we hand lots of trans fats and other harmful stuff in these. However compared to what they are like now? If you want a honey bun sprinkle a bit of sugar and add a dop of honey to a jar of Vaseline.  There's just enough flour in those things to hold the grease together.

Some things are way better. Truth in advertising and better packaging. Expiration dates.

Jade Sinapu:
Yeah I hear you Cause.
I was getting concerned why things do not seem to mold or expire at my place.  I can't be that clean...
Nor is it that cool and dry here.
So I suspect some is preservatives, some is cleaner food processing facilities, and higher standards.

Does anyone remember eating gummie candies that were actually made of gelatin and not corn starch?  The ones i find now are cornstarch+corn syrup.

I recently bought a store brand of cottage cheese. main ingredient was WHEAT!  Yes, wheat.  Little gluten balls floating in milk.  It tasted like that too.  very bad, I threw it out.

cause the rat:
Jade, Oh wait, there's more!

Eatable pulp. That's right eatable pulp = wood. But closer to toilet paper in consistency.
Eatable wax. Ok, bee's wax is eatable. But we are talking about an oil base product here. As in the same stuff gas and motor oil is made from.
Eatable clay. The minerals in clay are the same we need in our bodies. However eating clay is a bad idea. Unless it's been refined to be eatable.

can anyone say Taco Bell? They can't even call their offerings food.

The truth is there are more regulations about what can fed a cow that what can be called food for people.

The packaging your cheese came in should have had the word 'artificial' on it to be sold legally. 


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