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Read this before posting here!


The test forum is just for that. To test posts. If you want to make sure you're doing something right before posting such as using an image tag or making sure you are working the poll right that is what this section is for.

If you are testing a signature you may make one post here. If your signature is not right you may edit it then come back. Your signature in every post you make changes when you change your signature.
It isn't necessary to make post after post if you can't get your signature right.
If you can't figure out why a post you make isn't coming out right or why your signature is not working PM a staff member for help.

This forum is not for spamming or role playing. Please take all role playing that does not fit into the RP section into PM and/or IM programs.

This has become a problem recently and we'd like this forum to be used ONLY for testing and not as a spam forum.

Thank you.

-Furtopia Staff.


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