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A picture to start this ball rolling!

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Rebel could be a snot sometimes but Baby and Cajun are truly Humans in equine guise. Both are shear delite to be around. Baby loves to lay to sleep and loves company to lay beside her. Cajun is the tipical kid, always wants to go wether it be in the trailer or on a trailride he wants to go. Ive seen him sneak thro a gate and make a dash to the hitching rail.

ah, the one thing I missed was the smell of horses...now if these two little pony-mules wouldn't panic at the merest scent...

meanwhile, two days after you posted your rainbow, Kada, one popped up here...got a couple nice shots...along with some of the puppy

Cool, Sniffs! Post them for all to see? (smiles)

here's the rainbow

and here's the mules...at christmas time

On your rainbow one, it looks like it is still ready to storm! Wonderful Rainbow, Sniffs!

I love the mule pic! (smiles)


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