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Walmart Selling Fursuits?

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Jade Sinapu:
I wonder if a lady would be thrilled to see her love appear in public at her front door as a huge teddy bear,  or if she would drop him like a hot coal!

The bear looks pretty cute to me. But that's just me. One of my dad's friend's kids actually used a panda stuffy as her costume for Halloween! I thought it was genius.

Jade Sinapu:
Well, local Wal-Mart store is back at it again.  Huge husky plushie on sale for Valentines day.  It has no Valentines related markings or such on it, and it might even be transformable into some sort of fursuit for a kid.  It is big enough.  I think it was like $120?

Rocket T. Coyote:
Gonna prowl the local store to see what's available in a few days.

Walmart may not see these as 'furry'.  Just stuffed animals. LOL  I'd give that bear a huggle!


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