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Title: Looking For Fonts for Photoshop
Post by: animagusurreal on September 08, 2007, 06:35:56 pm
Okay, this isn't exactly web design, but I think the people who answer those questions will know this, and this is for something that will go on my website.

On my old computer, I did pages 1 through 5 of my graphic novel, "Camo", with the fonts "Orange LET Plain" for the dialogue and "Benguiat BT Bold" for the sound effects. Then, my old computer went kaput. On my new computer, those fonts are absent (I don't know where they came from before or why they're not there now :) ).

I'm looking for somewhere to download them, free if at all possible. I actually downloaded the "Orange LET" font from a free site I found on Google, but all I got was an example page with what the font looks like. I don't know how to get it into Photoshop.

I'm currently nearly finished with work on page 6, using plain old Times New Roman font, but I really liked the look of those fonts and I'd like to stay consistent :).

Thank you :)