Author Topic: Is Video Gaming the new Bertolt Brecht (spoilers) (all welcome)  (Read 4218 times)

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This may sound silly but if you are more a watcher of video games then i urge to watch these two game plays:

1. - Among the Sleep
2. - Untitled

These two games a VERY interesting because, it's almost like an awareness, particularly Untitled.

Brecht reasons for his practitioner work of plays was to make people think, by doing so he broke forth walls, made plots stand on their own without depending on other scenes and used minimalised work that was to show a dielema or a point of view.  One of my favourite examples of this is 'good person of szechwan' which i have put the script below.

This is about a woman who giving a large amount of money for letting 3 gods stay with her, so in gratitude she decides to always do good, however in doing so she finds that others take advantage of her.  So she creates a second personality to allow her to fend off people who are using her.  There is another story as well, but just that in itself gives an interesting scene to make people wonder.

<watch first before viewing spoilers>
Spoiler: show
Now i say this because:

1). Among the sleep is about the childs imaginary perception of it's mother when the mother be absolved in alcohol and becomes more abusive, and the way its displayed is rather deep leaving to wonder what does a child see to an abusive parent.  There is also another theme of wandering what made the parent become that way.

2). Untitled was what my fiancée saw but the ending talks about force abortion...I don't really know what to say that to that as the concept feels rarely focused upon.

Soo, is it possible that video gaming could become an evolved form of practitioners work

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