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2nd Venus Music collection updated
« on: May 23, 2005, 07:44:56 pm »
My website has been undergoing small updates, one after another, it started blue coloured and basically had nothing decent going much. So i updated everything up to scratch.

Just letting the music collectors know whats come out since i started. New songs on the download page include,

2nd Venus - Furket Glen Theme.mp3
This song features soothing synthetic violins mixed into a beat track to form a sort of calming yet rythmed trance tune. It also features as the websites main Homepage and Enterpage themes.

Paul Middleton - Another Crazy Frog (Venus Remix).mp3
I had many requests from the first Crazy frog tune i made to turn it into a faster theme that sounded more decent to play in the club type situations, so after some software/hardware enhancements i gave this song i brand new make-over.

'Life the life of a fur, the life of a free soul that is rare'
'Live the life of a fur, the life of a free soul that is rare,
letting the real you shine and flare.
Spread the wings of imagination and glide,
makeing the furreality your life and pride.
Wear your true personality and emotions,
to spread the sensation through land and ocean's.